The Bars of San Diego

I like a man in uniform, she said to her co-workers
The creases keep me warm
He's just as forward as me, and by the time he'd be bored of me
He's sailed off to the firestorm
Itinerancy is the norm, so when I give him all of me
There'll be no controversy
In his dress whites he looked better
In his dress whites he looked better
He looked better than in the autumn
Coming home in a box

I like a cougar on a Friday, he told his commanding officer
Packing up for shore leave holiday
She's all about right now and right now is all I got
Modern sailors don't tie knots
Budweisers and shots ringing out from the register
Always get the best of her
In the barlight she looked better
In the barlight she looked better
She looked better that in the morning
Driving him home in her car

He said this is my final stand
Before they send me to Bumfuckistan
You'll be mine forever
Forever is half an hour in the back of your sedan
Will you keep it if it takes?
She said I'm pretty sure I can

At least he didn't die alone
His friends gathered his limbs from the streets outside the Green Zone
And she will never know
She just waits for sailors when they go
To the bars of San Diego