Before I Let You Down

New York seems like a difficult place to get over a divorce
You say you'll be miserable until the Hudson's run its course
An internship at a publishing house pays twenty thousand dollars a year
That might get you by in a flyover state but around here that won't even cover
Half a roach-ridden walk-up in an ungentrified section of Brooklyn
You'll find something better, you're looking, the lease is just month-to-month
You'll ask your parents for money and they'll say, "Oh honey we know how hard it's been getting
But we sort of spent it all on your wedding"

Before I let you down and tell you it doesn't always get better
Even after you weather the first bit, at least let me buy you some gin
You might not find the love of your life on match or J-date or tinder
But it feels good to feel like a sinner and winter is worst when you're in it
And you can't ever get a beginning so if we go down, let's go swinging
No, I'm not fucking kidding, like God we're our own worst critics
When that guy who looks like Seth Rogen leaves your mattress smelling like war photographer's piss
Remember you deserve better than this

I've heard Berlin is cool as hell and you took German in high school
Even though you don't know me all that well, you can always crash on the air bed
In a handful of decades we'll both be dead, you said "that's not soon enough, is it?"
You will finish your novel but you won't pitch it 'cause nobody gives a shit
You'll stop sleeping with coworkers just like I stopped sleeping with pills
When you're remarried with kids you will be embarrassed we talked like this
When I see you next summer I better not find any new scars on your wrists
Oh, you can get through this