Camp Gaia

I didn't know your brother well he was two grades ahead of me
He hung out with those jam band kids, and back then I was strictly into Rancid and Op Ivy
Sure, I'm ashamed

But we met up at your wedding he was getting pretty bent about Big Food malfeasance
And extended growing seasons in the boreal frontier
He sneered, it's hard to explain

Agrohippy journalists went up there to visit it
But grizzlies got the greenhouse and whispers of militias vibed of something sinister
And never tamed

Yeah I made my jokes when they called logging "genocide"
And prayed to the forest as a goddess
But at least they tried to forge a form of progress in a world of flames

It barely made the news but after fears of nukes in Belarus and biomasks for donkeypox
Nine ecopioneers were found dead in Alaska
They said his name

It's the age of pirates but did bosses from Exxon or Bayer really send assassins in
When a virus from the thawing permafrost
Could have done the same

When all we have are sad, sad stories of our failures
There's a glory in retrieving a hard drive from a trailer between McGrath and Galena
To read his remains

I've been writing freelance off and on, with your permission
I will fake a fishing trip inland up the Yukon to confirm suspicions
And give you someone to blame