The Captain

Our class, in kind, we all learn to hate the poor
You know, in time, models yearn for something more
You know this, you took work at the club
A hostess and a footballer in love

My French is weak but your perfume is so strong
They teach you young, they don't teach you right from wrong
You know this hymn, it's all been sung before
You noticed him, we will learn to miss the wars

and the sound and all of the confidence men in this town
in all of the prominent tents in the south
I was lying down
I caught some rest, he caught your eye
My love, my bride, it was a lie

Inside the gates, the estate you life you prefer
In style this year, I moved up to Manchester
You liked it, I might have known
It fell apart, you will raise our child alone

in the arms of all of the confidence men in this town
and all of the prominent gents in the south
I was standing down
I caught a glance, I caught a round in the side, in the side, at the side of the bed

is the stand of all of the confidence men in the land
after all of the prominent cries in the press
I am standing up
I'll call my barrister up when I'm right
My, love, my bride, oh it was a lie