This is the room where I realized how it would end
Impending doom and deeds I can't even defend
Will this be the year when all your heroes leave?
Don't shed a tear, don't ever learn how to grieve

Yeah, I admit I never did much on this earth
But I am sure you'll make more of your illegitimate birth

This is the structure, the house they'll find me in
With lost organ function and yellowing parchment for skin
Will this be the year when the rains never abate?
Floodplains disappear, religions descend into hate

It's too late for me but you just might see the coming spring
Before I go, I'd like to know what another day brings

This is the forest where I lived when you were born
In a medical chorus of beeping and screaming and horns
Will this be the year when you forget I exist?
I don't want to stay here, I guess I'd just like to be missed

Don't be upset, I only regret I wasn't around
If you despair don't look to the air, I'll be in the ground