Geese on the Hudson

Out in the valley they make breakfast from poison
While we hate the farmhand not the man who employs him
Or the shiny new box the system put our boys in
Such a beautiful state until history spoiled it
I loved your blood until gravity boiled it
This fear at the end, it can't be avoided my friend

Do we have special powers or just comic book confidence
You taught yourself golf to forget what a promise is
You picked out your coffin and moved to the provinces
Where hearts grow hard and the skin it just softens
And thins into ribbons, I knew it would end like this
Believe me, it's true, I think of you often, I do

The lake is placid, the tragedy nascent
The rain is just acid but the pain makes a statement
I know now what that smile on your face meant
The unloaded howitzers take up space in your basement
Face full of blood son, like geese on the Hudson knighting heroes in our flight
Oh yeah, we used to dance all night

Out past the farms and dead fields with snow on'em
He built the reactor now they can't scrape the glow off'em
He can see in the dark but he can't create offspring
And his probation officer's the only one who talks to him
Our city declares itself a nuclear-free zone
But you and I know he'll always be deep in our bones

A uranium sun rose over the Atlantic
A watchmaker's just a low-rent mechanic
And I loved you then, one day in specific
When you threw your alibi into the Pacific
The pacificists drowned but they'll be back to the badlands
Recycled Man, we're all just bottles and cans

Dealers and dissidents and angels of temperance
Detectives and state's evidence, peasantry and presidents
Holy men and charlatans, soldiers and civilians
Aliens and citizens, are really all we've ever been
From origin to oblivion, going out or coming in
I loved you then, when dawn comes I'll love you again