George Harrison's Wife

When they wheel me to the hospital I will not be scared
'Cause they wouldn't dare do anything that would compare to losing you
Sixty years stumbling blind, and ten minutes in the sun

I do bad things in my sleep
Is it wrong to sing the songs that make you weep?
I can see the first wave docking at the shore
They'll believe me when I say I don't really sleep anymore

Every other Friday '98 I'd run to the dentist
I was in pretty good shape, I was drinking a lot then
There's no point, it means nothing, can't you see it means everything to me

I do bad things in my sleep
Mine is not an age that you would understand
I will not wish them ill I will not force their hand, alas
I'll just here for a thousand years until the firestorm has passed

When the angels leave my body in the sand
Because I was a bad husband and a bad son
Let me rest, let me rest, dry your tears - I haven't slept this well in years

I do bad things in my sleep
The salad days have passed now there's blank space on the maps
You bet your ass we documented the collapse
Now we're dressing all the Christmas trees in gauze and IVs
I do bad things in my sleep