I Gotta Feeling (Tonight's Not Gonna Be a Good Night)

The night is joyride, the night is a joyride and
The morning is thalidomide, limbs regrow when the tidal waves subside
This year is a death threat, this year is a death threat and
The future is a sucker's bet, your sinning makes tectonic plates upset

When the earthquake hits
Atheists will know that God exists
And when the bedrock splits
Lunatics will cease their cursed fits

Tonight is the harvest, tonight is the harvest and
Tomorrow is the exodus, we had our run now the land is done with us
This year is alive, this year is alive and
The next one is a swan dive, I'm Babylon, I'm strong enough to drive

When pandemic spreads
The talking heads will wish that they were dead
And when the cities burn
We'll take turns inscribing all we've learned

This world is a zip code, this world is just an episode
The homicide, the open road, the riverside, the motherload
This life is a void, the next one is a polaroid
They say we destroyed the soil, boy, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois