We All Need a Lost Weekend Once and Again

Bags are packed
I had a realization or a heart attack
With corner hawkers talking about tuberculosis in a stocking
Love the footwear, hate the coughing that my neighbor's bent on offering
How he hates the awful offspring of those he barely tolerates
From graveyeards he would liberate
So every year he celebrates the world war he was hobbled in
I can't relate, I haven't been sorted out for E's and whiz
or jaded with the music bix
Since billionaire populists told me what my problem is
And all of us our hominids
So all of us are creepy fuckers
From the prairies to the Rucker
Out of luckers suck it up and mourn the morning they got stuck
A word of warning: baby, pucker up
You know what I'm about
I'll give you a call when I'm tuckered out