There's No Such Thing as a Mind Eraser

So it happened again
I'm not surprised, you've always been low fidelity
Voices guide you where you shouldn't go
In all honesty if it were me
I would've had a hard time saying no
To tattoos and a liquor store
And a quick walk to a mattress on the floor

I won't tell your boyfriend about that dude you did in Portland
It can't be that important and it all seems untrue
It wasn't you, it was the Racer 5
And it's our mistakes that render us alive

I'm glad you asked
You were always good with numbers and kicking ass
Guess there's not much difference
So yes list me as a reference, even though it's been a while
I know you'll make a good pilot
Flying in Yemen or Cairo or heaven
Or wherever the weapons need to go

And I won't tell the Air Force we beat up that guy in jean shorts
It wasn't caught on camera so it must not have mattered
It's a shame we have to blame the Racer 5
'Cause it's our mistakes that render us alive

Your other man
I heard he raps well and acts like Vernon Maxwell
But wears his hair like Axl
It's all long dates, dead souls, live snakes, hot coals
Forget about the foals
Run free like we did in our acid phase
Hope you pay the sitter extra when you don't come home for days

And I won't tell your husband he works all day for nothing
If you won't tell my children I wish I'd stayed a virgin
If it's our mistakes that make us who we are
Order for me, I'll meet you at the bar