In Turn They Made You Miserable

It hurts to sleep
It hurts to sleep so I will try
What it takes to stay awake
To stay awake with the lie
It's a lie that just might help
Me pull one over on myself

Do you want to scream with the crowd
Or do you want to dream with me now
Baby does it seem like we've been here before
I'm not down anymore

Will we run
Will we run through the snow
Is it fun to let it flow
Is the one the one let go
Had a gun but didn't know
To trust him far enough to throw

If I want to fly in my seat
Or if I want to writhe at your feet
If I want to sing will you bring me the song
That we've sung all along

(She said) I don't want to be your girlfriend
(Don't ask) me why I'm scared of girls

If you want to seethe in the night
If I cannot breathe it's alright
Or do you believe that we could leave it all behind
'Cause I'm of the same mind