Ntozake Nelson II

Oh yes now we're living for our sins
In the overheated back seat of your Dad's Mercedes Benz
And I guess it all depends but the night is pretty clear
And from this empty beer can look-out you can see for 80 years
And babe it's looking grim
He died for all of us, now our soldiers die for him
So I''ll set your kin on fire and run for the state line
In a bruised up Chrysler cruiser from 1989
The air conditioner is broke
But we've got ashes in the trunk and the engine's running fine
And I'm not buying in and you're not buying in
So we're tardy on our tithes at the Wal-Mart buying gin
The folks back home are sure that our souls appear impure
But we did this for our freedom, now we heathens must endure
It was never my hope to elope
We hit that embankment like a verdict from the Pope
I'll camp out in the halls of this hospital until my dead heart mends
I miss the Bible I miss my friends
I miss the Bible I miss my friends

Hip-hop jumped the shark again, I guess it always does
When the sirens clog the motorways with fabricated buzz
And it started in the churches but it passed away today
So we're throwing plastic flowers at Biggie, Pac and Jay
Were they Christ without the beard?
Or the urban Oppenheimers who our forefathers feared?
My crew all joined the ministry to honor the bereaved
But it's hard to pass your boards if you really don't believe
So I just had to leave
I burned my Air Force Ones now I stutter when I grieve
I feel even more alone when the beat Jeeps blast their hymns
When the speakers push the air I can't bring myself to care
And I wasn't quite prepared for secular society
And 40-ounce bottles can't revive my phony piety
Oh player we used to play all night
Now there's nothing left to say except "Hey, whaddup, a'ight."
I used to know what every chapter means, now I just make ends
I miss the Bible I miss my friends
I miss the Bible I miss my friends

Oh great so it ended like we thought
"Fellas that's a rapture" on the deck of Noah's yacht
This ark is couples only so you'd better come with me
They've chosen Billy Ocean as the last Love Boat MC
Are we sharing the same dream?
If the pearly gates hate at least I'll have you on my team
Dodos and mastadons will get another chance
And we're gonna have to answer for that last homecoming dance
We've got a lot to answer for
We know why we sent the poor to that Infertile Crescent war
Oh St. Peter, won't you have a little pity?
You can't send us downstairs for privileged complicity
We brought the world medicine, we brought it electricity
Won't you save our souls if you refuse to save our city
I shout excuses like a liar
The Tappan Zee just crumbles as the Hudson catches fire
I wish I had a good book to read while the girders bend
I miss the Bible I miss my friends
I miss the Bible I miss my friends
I miss the Bible I miss my friends
I miss the Bible I miss my friends