Olympian Juicers

Oh that water is hot
It's hard work building a better man
I've figured out that it's not
Easy to wash blood of your hands
The BALCO lab's been mobbed
This raid changes the status of this bullshit summer job
The apparatus almost has us
Feds at the door, I'll run out the back
Hide in the bushes by the side of the track
Fast like a sprinter, I'll jump when it slows
Stow in the train 'till I know where it goes
And it won't be coal powering that chrome
Olympian juicers will carry me home, carry me home, carry me home

She rides the bus
Who buys cabbage anymore?
She wants nothing to do with us
She tightens her scarf and hums at the floor
She remembers the folk songs from Belarus or the Ukraine
Or wherever it is that she's from
Now it goes by a different name
After fifty years of toil
She knows she'll die on American soil
I want to tell her, whatever happens
Her boys had a pretty good squad in Athens
And her bones were meant for Eurasian loam
Olympian juicers will carry her home, carry her home, carry her home

Straight up and down
I don't think our boys will ever make their way back to this town
I'll dig their burial mounds and fill'em up with your tears
I guess I'll watch the playoffs alone this year
It's not as bad as it appears
Appreciate what we've been given
Don't hang yourself with your yellow ribbon
Don't despair, don't say it's a shame
Just wait around for the Baghdad games
You will never walk alone
Olympian juicers will carry them home, carry them home, carry them home