How could I forget?
Western skies feel like Dewar's and Percoset
The 1870s
Never ceased now we steel ourselves in the same valleys

They say that little chapel still stands outside of Wellington
The last parishioner passed years ago, gone and forgotten
Old gods don't need people to believe in them
I know, I know

Tell me if I'm wrong
Does this tunnel smell like dynamite and railroad work songs?
Graves of our ancestors
Dug up for the galleria, cowboy hats and dreamcatchers

When the horse walked through the frontier town beneath a setting sun
The rider had been dead for days from guns or consumption
Feral animals remember freedom
I know, I know

Bandits on the bridge
This park and ride tastes like federales on the ridge
News from the CDC
Talk of a new strain of smallpox, fever dreams and gaps in memory

When the bullet train pulled into the last Front Range station
The conductor had been dead for hours, nothing to be done
These days machines don't need humans to function
I know, I know, I know, I know