Songs About Planes

Is that what you said, is that how it looks?
It's what the scholars read from all that cretin's books
I will stand and wave, and you will walk away
Break the bus in half and watch the banner fray
Can you understand, can you map it out?
Could you convince a child of what the war's about?
Check the mail for letters, stay up by the phone
Check the wall for surnames that used to be your own
An evening at the pictures, the streets will flood with rain
We'll dream of flight and dance all night to songs about planes

It's a matter of the numbers, a matter of degrees
Do you hate their clumsy fingers and false apologies?
If I seem on edge and the clergy is insane
Read the doctor's note and play me songs about planes
Pile up the furniture, pour the gasoline
Char up the linoleum, yeah, torch the whole damn thing
I'll pick up my guitar, we'll sit and watch the flames
I'll inhale the smoke and sing you songs about planes

You can play this thing like I used to do
Hold me as I shake, let the cold soak through
The smoke is in my veins, the last embers are dying
Sing me songs about planes and the people who fly them