M Tagged J

What am I accomplishing? Everything I want to say comes back to me again
Just a song for you to sing when everything encountering me goes down this way
Times are getting steady, I'm ready for the better days to sweep me up
But the room is darkening and at dawn they're just pictures of yourself
I'm not believing what I'm seeing

Just a picture of your brilliance, bathed in pretense
Just a vision of your arrogance, all at once
The reason for our abstinence is obstinence
And it's challenging my confidence
Common says says it'll never happen, it'll never happen, it'll never happen

It is sinking into me, the buzzing is a symphony in my ears
Sometimes you hear a sound that reminds you and resounds for a thousand years
Pots and pans are banging, the echoes start hanging from the chandeliers
The light is like razor blades, slicing through my shades as morning nears
You're burned on the back of my eyelids

Just a picture of your breath, I want to go on a binge
Your eyes are dark in death, your hair smells like a syringe
And while we're dancing opposites, I cash in on whatever's free
Not that I'm alright with it, but I say it's going to be
Alright for you, alright for me
There's a holiday today in the pharmacy

And I know it sounds ridiculous, I'm getting off the fence
I hope we both can handle us, I'm nodding nonsense
Was pain really the catalyst? 'Rents write it off as circumstance
I clench my fist to reminisce, I'm washing in your permanence

I don't disagree
I don't disagree
Better paintings of you than photgraphs of me