Rand McNally's Lament

Hey, no, we don't have to talk now
Maybe I'll call you tonight or tomorrow
Yeah I know this night is so hectic
But I agree we got to, agree we got to
Agree we got to catch up

Yes, yes, I saw your work published
My friends were all so impressed that I knew you
Yeah, I know it's been to long
And I guess that I, I guess that I
I guess that I've missed you too

Hey I'm sorry to take up so much space on your voicemail
And I know you won't call back 'cause you so rarely do
I just called to say that I got a map of the world
Do you remember a place where we used to play
When crickets sang to townships at the end of the day?
Back when I was a man and you were a girl

Hey, yeah, I still got to thank you
For putting me up in the city that night
Please give my regards to your parents
And I hope all your friends are, hope all your friends are
I hope all your friends are alright

Do you think that we're hollow people
Did someone suck out our insides?
How did we make the transition
From kids who do stuff, from kids who do stuff
From kids to adults who do lunch?

Do you remember a boy who once stood in my shoes
Who thought he knew himself and thought he knew you?
If you see him please tell him that I got a map of the world
Do you still believe in God?
'Cause I think that there is a special place in hell for fake bitches like you
And fake assholes like me will most likely end up there too