By the time I was born we were four years deep in the shitter
And we blamed it on Jimmy Carter but we don't know how it started
And oh we miss the unions, and oh we miss the Who
And our high school reunions don't do what we want'em to
And oh we all miss our closure and we were all born poseurs
So we just answer "no sir, I never purchased most of those commemorative posters"

Hey don't you know what this is supposed to be
This ain't 1973
Hey don't you know what we're supposed to do
This ain't 1972

She gets it on and she don't care who it's with
And it makes her feel so strong drinking vodka by the fifth
When the rock stars come to see her it's like her father is still here
And beer takes away the fear that they'll all disappear
Oh dear she can't understand that they boys in the band
Oh they just want a fan and they can't be her man, they say

Hey don't you know what we've already done
This ain't 1971
Hey don't you know who we're supposed to see
This ain't 1970

Outside the bars on the corner at midnight in the South
You duck the mourners and try your best to keep history out of your mouth
Oh so man I won't say nothing but all our souls are dog shit
And all our worldy caution won't make this country function
And the theme park that we built out of guilt still will call us
And we're drinking with George Wallace, and we're drinking with George Wallace, he says

Hey don't you know what we were fighting for
This ain't 1974
Hey don't you know that it's already too late
This ain't 1968