Rosa and Billy

Rosa will you marry me upon midsummer's day
Don your mother's wedding gown and I'll carry you away
I'll love you as long as I breathe
And a decade longer should you grieve, should you grieve

Billy I cannot marry you for your dollars are too few
19 years in this trailer park are all that I can do
Though I admit I'm blessed to know
The finest man in Fennario, Fennario

Rosa will you wait for me, for tomorrow I hit the trail
I'm riding North Dakota way to work the Bakken shale
In two years away we'll go
and leave for good Fennario, Fennario

Rosa will you marry me, for now I am returned
From where the prairie winds do blow and the methane fires burn
Those Dakota nights are cold
But lo now I am rich with gold, rich with gold

Billy I cannot marry you, for alas I am with child
It is not yours though I wish it were, oh the waiting made made me wild
I don't even know the dude
And I'm not feeling over you, over you

Rosa I will marry you, and raise him as my own
For I would claim another man's heir before I face the night alone
And I have lain with Williston whores
Their warmth is none compared to yours, compared to yours