I always wanted to be king of the world
Where the gulls fly over strip malls looking for a meal
On the boardwalk where the pimps stroll
Gold and silver chains, Jersey boys keep it real
They say some heads started fronting
Vin got pepper-sprayed, his face stung for two weeks
So they got no beef when punks start some shit

Rocky's only twenty but he's old enough to buy e
Took the edge off an acid hangover
Two days without sleep or coherent thought
Cruise the shore for chicken-heads in Seaside or Dover
You can win cigarettes or a lava lamp
Too many five-0s no beer on the beach
"Jersey girls always go down"

Tattoos, rings and sportswear, long nails
Got locked up for possession: probation
Rev the engines of their cars all night
Stereos pumping Jersey's hip-hop station
Neon lights underneath the ride
Chevrolet spelled out on the windshield
They don't yield, just act hard
To forget their life savings is parked in the yard