Taking You With Me

We rode the same bus to school
His girlfriend fell in love with me
It got tense there for a while
Last two weeks with a knife under my seat
I was afraid
Got out of state just in time
Told his woman
I'm taking you with me
But I left her there to rot
She loved someone I'm just not

He just got back from Iraq
Medical discharge from the Corps
Given six months to live
He arrived to settle one last score
How did he find me
After all this time
Note through my window:
I'm taking you with me
I heard he'd been asking 'round
I checked into a motel
It's about to go down

Call a security guard, there's a madman with a gun
Drop your shopping bags, look for an exit sign and run
I just did what anyone else in that mall would have done

Once a month on the weekends
Just in case it came to this
I'd go to the shooting range
Only got one shot, can't afford to miss
I looked him in the eye
I stepped out from women's wear
'How have you been, my friend?
I'm taking you with me
I just got the drop on him
I just dropped him

Oh jury of my peers
Understand it was in self defense, it's not as it appears
He wanted to take everything from me
I only took six months away from him
He was a lunatic
And if you insist
I'll send some money to the ten-year-old twins I left behind