The 49th Parallel

I think of holding you when the patrols come through
Looking for vagrants and looking for migrants
And looking for copies of the Koran
Breaking my windows in just 'cause they can

What can I do in this nation of sinners
Does Canada still get cold in the winter?
And do you still say grace before dinner?
I lost my faith right about when you went there

Now crossing over is impossible when
Coyotes charge 80k for each person
And every damn week there are dozens of incidents
More people shot climbing over the fence

Monsters in riot gear mowing down innocent
Once-proud American victims of circumstance
Tired-ass love songs drown out the screams
Oh my love, these days what does love even mean?

Not that it matters but I saw your ex-husband
The kids are still cute but damn he looks shattered
I guess we all do, time just moves faster
When we know how it all ends and we're running away from the past

He hates me, but I gave you freedom
Freedom to leave him, and freedom to leave us
And freedom to follow your feelings for Jesus
Freedom to flee over the northern border

Before the sharpshooters got their new orders
Boasting of kill rates at night in their quarters
Thirsty for blood since the exodus started
You're just brown enough to have made a good target

Some mornings I wake up and just for a moment
Forget that I live in the zone of the broken
And you don't anymore, of course, because you went to be
In a safer place that I'll never see

Oh, my love, did we ever think anything would change?