The Comeback

Our children will remember faithfully
Manassas, Gettysburg, and Lee
I'll keep the medals and rifles in a trunk
Ready when the UN copters come
It will rise again

Our brothers will retain forevermore
'48, '68 and '34
We'll paint the town red, we'll paing the union brown
We'll tear this whole crooked complex down
We will rise again

I recall in the sirens, bombs and bullets in the fall
The voice I heard above it all
I'm not scared of a millenium of class warfare
He is watching, I'm prepared
He will rise again

That's you on the ramparts, towering
That's me in the bunker, cowering
That's us in the floodplain, flowering
Why doesn't the truth feel more empowering

That's you with the gut cramps, procreating
That's me in the death camp, recreating
That's us on the truck ramp, accelerating
Why do we hate what we end up creating?

And I guess it goes to show
How we're blessed to know our foes
And I guess it all depends
On who will rise again in the end