We would hang out in the waterpark
Now we just watch the sky for fires, load the kids into the car when clouds are black
And drive into the safe zone until they say it's okay to come back

We can't run around with our shirts off in an afternoon thunderstorm
Because it hasn't rained in twelve and half years or so
I don't know, I've lost track
I can't recall the taste of beer, I've given up on fear

Just like the HOA gave up on the lawns
And the federal government gave up on the eastern seaboard
We bought all the water we could afford
I just picture the old cookouts and I try to forgive the ones who came before

When I sleep at night, I can hear the phantoms of every Jay-Z summer anthem
Dengue got him early, it's a blessing, I guess
'Cause when Brooklyn drowned the scavengers did what they do best
And the Atlantic kept creeping West

Don't you think it's odd that for centuries
People looked up to the skies and worshipped the cause of our demise
The sun God is a wrathful one, the sun God is a wrathful one
As violent as he is wise

I remember tales of cowboys on a high Western plateau
I'd like to travel back in time, I've got nowhere else to go
And no use for arroyos that will never fill with melted mountain snow

Vultures are circling our subdivision
I can't see you anymore, dust storms blur my vision
But I can hear maurauders gathering, I can hear marauders gathering
If you don't mind I'd rather think of summer the way it used to be

Endless summer