were Austin

Wood and tin provide the sound
I'll forge dreams from your cigarette ash
Tonight I'm gonna tear the cover off this town
Like my last name was motherfucking Cash
These days we drink our beer out of bottles
Old and in the way, but I swear it tastes better that way
Hey is Junior's sister catching your eye
Your should talk to her, think of something to say
I don't just smile when I'm sad
Tell her that, tell her goddamn I'm glad
Summer's coming and we're sporting sundresses and tans
We got microphones and big beat for the common man
So light the grill, light the grill
I'm hungry and the band starts in half an hour
They're gonna rock, I know they will
Here's hoping Billy's back yard still has power
Sing us a happy song
Spring is here, the sun is out
Easter's come and gone, and I've run out
Of things I need to complain about
Maybe I'll dance and a nice girl will look my way
No one in this world smiles like her
No one in this world smiles like her