Yes Depression

Burn me, burn me up
That should do it, that should do the trick
Wake me, goddamnit wake me up
I've been asleep since October
Get me out, eyes half-lidded half-shut
It's in the walls, it's taking over
Over the land

And the man wants to whore for the band
And the rafters reflect my regret
And I'm not going to cheat on myself

Fuck yourself, go fuck yourself kid
Make it through on sandwich meat and stomach acid
Whoop whoop in dance clubs, shouting "freebird" at indie-rock shows
Oh die slow, my 44 make sure your kids don't grow
We shouldn't hang out anymore

And I'm losing my grip on the floor
We're dancing on gold, salt and rust
And I'm not going to cheat on myself

Sing a song, slow and in tune
Auction meat off, burning down the old saloon
Men in debt, grown men in swaddking clothes
It's underground, ground under my nose

After the great wall fell (he drove his car off a bridge)
Head up eyes aware (he stepped in front of a train)
I'm awake I swear (he tried to fly off the roof)
I'm awake I swear (he fell asleep in the rain)

And we're taking the whores out to dance
We're sweating out books on the age
It feels like a sunset
Like shooting yourself in the head